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Owners Jessie and Tiffany Smith are both military and law enforcement veterans that share a passion for dogs. With over 20 years combined experience training and caring for dogs, they have turned their dreams into a reality and are the owners of Country Kennels Bed and Biscuit. Call today to set up a tour, meet Jessie and Tiffany, or just to get general information.
​Toys, Blankets & Beds
Feel free to bring your dog's favorite toys, blankets, and/or bed. We encourage you to bring somethings from home to help comfort your dog during their stay. 
Food, Treats & Medication
We recommend that while your dog stays with us, they stay on the same diet they are accustom to at home. That way they don't get an upset stomach from a change in their normal diet. We ask that you bag each meal individually to ensure we are feeding the desired amount for each meal. That means if your dog eats twice a day, please provide two separate bags of food for that day. We will prepare your pets meals for them the same way you do at home, so don't forget to bring your pets meal add-ins like pureed pumpkin, boiled chicken, apples, or canned food.

We do keep in stock, Diamond Natural Extreme Athlete dog food which is grain free that can be provided to your pet upon request.

Don't forget to bring your pets favorite treats or snacks. We always give our guests a treat after the last break for the evening.

​We are experienced care givers and will administer all medications provided, to include injectables.
We do require a copy of all updated vaccinations at check in. You may also have your Veterinarian's office fax us the record or any updates to their vaccination record at (920) 625-3628. The following are required:

The DHLPP vaccine for dogs is not a compulsory vaccine, but may help your dog and prevent various diseases that commonly affect canines. DHLPP are initials that stand for various canine diseases that may be potentially fatal such as the distemper, the hepatitis, leptospirosis, the parvovirus or the parainfluenza. This may also be known as an annual booster.

The rabies vaccine is used to prevent rabies. This vaccine is administered either annually or once every 3 years.

Kennel cough is a bacteria that spreads through the air and infects dogs who are in close proximity with other dogs. It is highly contagious.  The scientific name is Bordetella bronchiseptica, but it's commonly referred to as a cough because it sounds similar to a whooping cough. It's a dry, hacking cough where your dog seems to constantly be trying to clear his throat. 
Office: (920) 625-3651
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